Posted by: jdavis | March 1, 2008


Am often asked by friends why I decided to blog about the latest innovations and trends on automobiles…and I wondered myself. I mean, there is so much more to write about fashion and parenting to love and life and so on and so forth. Girly stuffs are even easier to talk about and so much more popular…and I write about automobiles.

Well, it all started with the fact that I needed to learn when I had to be on my own. All I knew before was how to drive my car. The maintenance and repair I left to my husband and my trusted mechanic…but then I realized I needed to know more than just the act of driving. I needed to know the whys and the hows. It was not easy; it took a lot of my time and effort. I had to read a lot of magazines as well research online. I had to ask and ask and ask my mechanic, friends and co-workers…it was not overnight, but I did learn. And boy, did it make me a car lover. I discovered a passion for cars that I want to share with others.

I am now a true blue car aficionado…but just a greenhorn. Learning more about the automobile industry, joining the groups, meeting car enthusiasts and sharing with them the same passion for cars is an achievement I can treasure. More so because I learned that there is a social responsibility attached to it. In reading the latest innovations there was a realization in me of how I can help because there are so many innovations that are meant to improve not only the way our vehicle run but also how it affects the environment. Like it or not, we have made contributions to the worsening environmental situation and as a mother, I resolved to be of help by sharing those learning and realizations.

Reading online all the news and blogs made me realize that there are so many innovations and trends that are not that popular or talk about…especially in the case of women. Few would want to read news, ezines and blogs about cars and stuffs. Some women would rather read about the Oscars, whose the latest pregnant in Hollywood, who just gave birth (I think JLo just did), the latest trends in fashion – make-up, jewelry, clothes etc. But, only a few would want to read the latest on renewable fuel or the fastest hybrid car on earth or how the Kyoto Protocol affects the car industry. Writing about it in this blog may help. I want to make these topics less technical and more appealing to novices like me. I am quite sure that if I make it more appealing, less newsy and more layman’s terms, they will also learn to enjoy it as I did. For me, it is a journey of learning and I’d like you to be a part of this journey. Join me and enjoy! Feel free to leave any comments coz it will help a great deal.


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