Posted by: jdavis | March 3, 2008

Head’s Up Display

See any vehicle that has writings on its windshield and the driver can read it? No, am not talking about any spy movie. This one is for real. The latest technology that we will soon have in our vehicles is the Head’s Up Display. All you have to do is look into your windshield to get the basic information you need such as the fuel and temperature levels, speedometer reading and many more. For this technology the DuPontTM Butacite® Wedged PVB will be used for the windshield, according to Delphi Delco Optics Engineer, Scott Spink. It is because the wedged PVB does the job of providing the best while not too costly for mass commercialization. The interlayer technology of the Butacite® will allow HUD without distorting the image, making it easier for the driver to read the information on the windshield. There will be no shadows or “ghost” which can happen on conventional, non-wedged windshields. This technology will certainly be helpful for everyone, especially for mom’s who are carpooling with boisterous and rowdy kids in tow.



  1. […] to make the music louder; all you have to do is motion upwards. At the same time, it has like a heads-up-display which I blogged about before. For Pivo it is called the Horizontal Display. At the bottom of the […]

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