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TANGO – An ultra-narrow, freeway-capable, stable, safe vehicle that fits anywhere a motorcycle fits.

The revolutionary commuter vehicle that combines the speed and agility of a motorcycle with the security and comfort of a sports car.

Tango is not the passionate ballroom dance with Latin-American origin. This is the revolutionary commuter vehicle. When I first saw the picture of Tango, I found it so cute. Well, it looked like a car but so much smaller, almost as big as a motorcycle. So who wouldn’t find it cute? I then wondered how safe it was. Like all moms, safety is always the first thing that comes to mind, even if we don’t have plans or opportunity of riding it.

According to the specs, it can be compared to a midsize sedan, with a side protection that’s even better than an SUV and a 4-point pilot seat with inertia reels that’s almost like the harnesses in race cars. Under the floor are the batteries that are almost 2,000lbs making the static rollover threshold of Tango equivalent to a 5-star NHTA, just like a low slung sports car. The Tango is designed around a roll cage just like what racing organizations do to protect the occupants. Well, seeing how fast racing cars are with only few casualties then I know how well their protection works.

So, what good is this Tango for? This vehicle is as small as a motorcycle so it can maneuver easily through traffic. With its size it can easily change lanes without fear of hitting any car even in the small passages. Despite its size, you can also take a friend with you. It can take you to your destination quickly because in a heavy traffic it can travel in 20 seconds what a car will travel in 20 minutes. Unlike a motorcycle, it can be used even during inclement weather conditions. It can even carry a lot of cargoes. So, if suddenly you get unannounced visitors, you can go get your groceries and still get in time to make dinner for them.

The Tango can help create a future that is traffic or congestion-free. Parking is also easier as you can park it between cars or driveways, next to your building, virtually anywhere as it does not take so much space. Just imagine a future when you can easily get home after a stressing day and you don’t have to waste your time strumming your fingers on the steering wheel waiting for the car in front of you to move. Wow, that is heaven.

I have to take note though that Tango does not intend to displace family cars. It is meant to give us a transportation choice especially when you are in a hurry. Like I have said before, the Tango is meant to give us speed and convenience that hasn’t been given by any vehicle before. The option is based on the premise that most of our trips are short and alone. According to the US Bureau Of Transportation Statistics, 90% of all automobile trips are single occupant, and the average roundtrip commute is 20 miles. That means one can use the Tango for everyday commute to the office and the family car for the trips with the whole family or with friends. Not only does it help in the reducing the traffic but it also saves you a lot of money. Your parking fee is reduced because now you can apply for a motorcycle rather than a car, and if you are paid by the hour then the time you save is also money saved.

Charging a Tango is also so easy it’s just like charging your cell phone. Unlike other home appliances which take about an hour of 2 to fully charge, the Tango can be charged to 80% in about 10 minutes with a 200-amp off-board charger. There is no need to change the oil or tune-up so it doesn’t have additional expenses. For the Tango, replacing the battery is the one that’s like to cost you over and over. But for an environmental advocate like me, that Tango is one true-zero emission free vehicle counts a lot. Now, if only I can get myself a Tango, that will be something else.

Below are the features of Tango and the prices of the different Tango versions. I have taken the liberty of lifting it from the company site.

[Source: Commuter Cars Corp]



  • Zero to 60 in four seconds
  • 1/4-mile in 12 seconds
  • 5-star NHTSA static rollover resistance rating


  • Carbon fiber body
  • Connolly leather interior
  • Sparco seats
  • A/C & heater
  • Sparco steering wheel
  • MoTeC dash
  • 400-Watt sound system


  • Two Advanced DC electric motors producing over 1,000 ft-lbs of torque
  • 2,000 amp Zilla controller with 600 kilowatt peak output
  • Front suspension: unequal-length control arms with coil-over shocks
  • Rear suspension: trailing arm with coil-over shocks
  • 4-wheel disc brakes
  • Cruise control
  • Front and rear trailer hitch receivers


  • 39 inches wide, 5 inches narrower than a Honda Gold Wing
  • 8 feet 5 inches long, shorter than many motorcycles, for perpendicular parking
  • 60 inches high, 5 inches taller than a Honda Civic, for visibility
  • Expected gross weight approximately 2,500 pounds
  • Ground clearance of 4 inches, adjustable with coil-over shocks


The Tango will revolutionize commuter transportation in the 21st century. It was designed to be so much fun and so convenient that if you are going anywhere by yourself or with a friend, there should be no hesitation in deciding which car to take.

Tango T600 Features ($108,000 with $10,000 deposit)

Tango T200 Features ($39,900 with $1,000 deposit)

Tango T100 Features ($18,700 with $500 deposit)

[Source: Commuter Cars Corp]


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