Posted by: jdavis | March 17, 2008

Nissan’s Pivo Concept



Everything has gone high-tech on us, including the auto industry. A few days ago, I blogged about the Saab 9-X BioHybrid Concept and I saw how technology has made its mark in almost all the areas in the concept. Here, I again blogged about a concept car, this time it’s about Nissan Pivo. I decided to first write on the original concept.

In October 24, 2005, at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Nissan Pivo was introduced. It is the concept car created by Nissan that can make a 360 degree rotating cabin on a chassis of 4 wheels, multiple drive-by-wire systems and excellent visibility. With its ability to revolve 360 degrees, there is now no need to reverse and parking is made so easy with its very compact packaging.

Powered by a high-performance compact Lithium-ion Battery (similar to a laptop’s battery) and Nissan’s unique Super Motor, it is now more environmental friendly than a regular vehicle. According to Nissan, that would result to zero emissions. Aside from that, the battery is so compact and flat that it can be packaged really well as it does not require a lot of space compared to conventional cylindrical cells. By-wire technology is substituting electrical signals for conventional mechanical linkages (shafts, hydraulic cylinders, and other component) in the steering, braking and drivetrain systems.

Excellent visibility is made possible by Nissan’s Around View technology which decreases the drivers’ blind spots by allowing the driver to see the outside surroundings on screens inside the car’s pillars. Cameras are mounted on both front and rear sides which captures whatever images outside. They also have an image processing technique that synthesizes images in one single bird’s eye-view. Technology has gone a long way that mirrors have been replaced by cameras and a driver needs not look at the mirror to see the traffic outside and at the back. The images captured by the cameras will simply be fed to the monitor that is right before the driver.

While everything has gone high-tech, at least you still get to steer this concept car with a steering wheel. But, the navigation and audio systems can be operated with simple finger movements thru the Nissan’s “Magic 4” concept and human-machine interface system which allows the driver to keep his hands on the wheel for safety. On the dash is an infrared camera that detects the movement of the driver’s fingers to determine the selection. It’s like all the driver has to do is point fingers at the infrared commander to choose from any of the four items on the menu. Say for example you want to make the music louder; all you have to do is motion upwards. At the same time, it has like a heads-up-display which I blogged about before. For Pivo it is called the Horizontal Display. At the bottom of the windshield, it projects icons and information just like movie subtitles.

Nissan Pivo is ideal for urban driving as it can easily maneuver even the narrow street and can park anywhere. The three-seater car is only 2,700mm or 8.858ft in length though passengers can seat comfortably. What is amazing about this is that you do not have to back the car in a corner just to park. All you have to do is park and simply pivot the entire cabin and you can come out. Aside from that fact is the design itself of Pivo is different. Unlike the usual car shape, Pivo is egg-shaped, so the interior is also like that. Inside and out, Pivo makes you feel that the concept car of Nissan is so futuristic.

I just wonder if being inside would feel like you’re in a UFO…looking at it I feel like am not looking at a car but at a robot. Or an improved golf cart. Well, since it was a concept introduced in 2005, I wonder how the new Pivo has been improved. But the more I read about it the more it feels like a different thing, not car like I’ve always known it to be, with socket and wrench, battery and wires, radiators and engines. Well, technology really has gone a long way.



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