Posted by: jdavis | March 28, 2008

Nissan Pivo 2 Concept

A few days ago, I blogged about the Nissan Pivo concept car. I was hoping that I could immediately blog about the Nissan Pivo 2 concept but it was not meant to be. It had taken quite awhile for me to attend to any blogs again.

Anyway, let me get started then. The Pivo 2 is basically the same with the original Pivo concept except the robotic agent that shares every trip you make. It is possible to speak with the robotic agent to reduce stress on the driver. The robotic agent just has to be told and it does what needs to be done. According to Nissan, all it actually takes is the facial expression. The RA actually peers over the instrument panel seemingly talking and listening to the driver. It is programmed to gauge or infer the mood by monitoring the driver’s facial expressions and voice patterns. Eyes, eyebrow height and the shape of the mouth are used and they are compared to a color coordinate. Also, the change in the volume of the voice and the speed of speech is monitored which can tell the emotional state of the driver. The robotic agent is programmed to help the driver by putting the driver in a calmer state and a happier frame of mind. Research has shown that a happy driver is a safer driver, thus the end result will be reduction of vehicular accidents. Aside from that, the RA is designed to provide information necessary for driving operation.

The new Pivo concept also makes use of the 3D Motor which is so compact and slim allowing more freedom for the layout of the vehicle packaging with an increase in the vehicle’s driving performance. Even if it’s small, it has twice the toque output of any conventional electric motor. And because it is small, it can then be mounted within the wheels of a pure electric vehicle. The disc shape on the other hand is responsible for making the compact dimensions and high output possible. The 3D magnetic field analysis was able to structure a motor that enables an efficient flow of the magnetic flux.

To sum it up: The Pivo 2 is has all the nice qualities of the original Pivo….and more.


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