Posted by: jdavis | April 24, 2008

NEW CAR TREND, a leeway to custom – made cars

NEW CAR TREND, a leeway to custom-made cars



Change…change… change. Change everywhere. It seems we are really slaves of change that we cannot simply stay put and put up with change. I used to enjoy coffee without sugar that is black coffee, and then find it too bitter a few weeks ago so I added a little sugar. After some time that little sugar won’t do without a creamer. Now I have it coffee, sugar and creamer. What’s next? I no longer simply mix coffee, creamer ad sugar because I simply buy a 3 in 1 coffee mix! What a change. Just this morning, when I surf the net, there I saw and noticed another change. Most car companies are already encouraging customer participation in the design of their own car.


Volkswagen says it is currently unifying its most hardcore VW enthusiasts. That is customer participation. Lots of incentives are given to those who meet the standards such as access to a thousand dollars worth of tools and tech knowledge. Volkswagen has its build your Beetle since it says that people want a true icon. It begins by choosing a trim level, and then you may continue by choosing the color you want. After which you may choose your wheel type, ‘a modest five spokes for those who don’t want to brag’, or ‘something between cruising and racing’. Then you will proceed to the interior design that includes 6-disc CD changer for the electronics, stainless steel pedal caps and shifting rod for the accessories, floor mats and rear storage. Design for the exterior follows after which for the rear body, a stainless steel exhaust and rear spoiler. Sunroof, sports roof rack and cargo roof rack may also be added. Finally, after designing, u may now instruct them to build your design and get a quote.


Toyota also has its build “your Toyota “where you could choose your body color and interior. After which you could have your price and have it crafted and delivered specially for you.


Ford Motor Company also has its share of “build and price your Ford”. You have to select first the model you like to build. You may customize your own vehicle and then you may send the vehicle details for their pricing. If however you are in a hurry, you may simply leave them the features you want and they will look it up for you.


Honda Cars starts the same by selecting the model. After which the following may be chosen: color, exterior accessories that include spoilers, and accessories for protection such as splashguard and car cover, and lastly, floor mats, cargo, first aid kit, back up sensor.


Such style I think and do believe works both ways. The consumer on his part is given a chance to express what he really likes for his car. It seems he has been given a great favor by the company and allowed the privilege to become part of the ‘maker’ of the car. On the other hand, it also works for the advantage of the car manufacturer since the design submitted by the customer adds up to their collection of designs especially if what has been creatively done by the customer would prove to be really good. In addition, they are given a glimpse on customer’s preferences when it comes to the services and designs they offer.


I do not say it is commendable neither have I said it is condemnable. What is left for me to say is this: in our struggle to improve whatever it is we are doing, it is always necessary to include whatever and whoever are parties to such improvement. Car manufacturers are working to he best of heir advantage by including or allowing customers to participate in the making of their car. Customers are made to be one of their own.




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