Posted by: jdavis | April 29, 2008

CAR INNOVATION: is it worth it?

I was browsing through the cars before and the cars nowadays and the possible cars in the future and I have been mesmerized not only of the more stylish designs that vehicles depicts now but also of the transformation that has happened to the car industry these days in comparison to the car industry centuries ago. I think that the brains behind this fast growing innovative car industry must be brilliant and real geniuses to have come up with awesome designs and features. Who would have thought that we will come to this? Cars used to be so simple. But I guess, people really don’t just settle for what they already have. People are always starving for something new, something more futuristic, something more innovative. And so, like the fairy tale stories where in one’s wish is granted, car owners and enthusiasts demands are also granted.


Communication plays a vital role in every person’s life, especially with the birth of mobile phones which allows people to engage into conversation anytime and anywhere, mobile phones and people have been quite inseparable. That is why even when driving, people still can’t get away with it. Nowadays, some cars do have an installed system wherein the phone numbers can be stored and dialing can be done thru voice command. Holding the phone is also no longer a problem since this system allows the driver to communicate through the microphone and the sound system right inside the car.


For those drivers who are unfamiliar with the place, a Navigation System is now installed to some vehicles. It serves as a guide and at the same time provides information in terms of the nature of the environment that the car is heading on. The Navigation System is expected to undergo improvements to enhance its functionality, making it easier to navigate even in unfamiliar places.


Majority of people now and even families are always on the go especially those who live in big cities and is left with no other choice but to keep up with the busy lifestyle. New innovative cars are suited for this kind of lifestyle. Cars which have a table, and seats which can be folded, removed and rotated. People are given the prerogative to make the arrangement that would fit their taste and style.


Gadgets inside the car are also becoming more and more in demand, such as hi-tech televisions, DVD’s, blue tooth, and a sound system that will definitely give a state of the art entertainment.


Then there are the hybrid cars which is now becoming a byword not only in the car industry but in the whole world. A lot of environmental problems are being focused on by environmentalists brought about by the worsening case of pollution. Climate change is a serious problem that is being dealt with and amidst these depressing circumstances; it is good to know that car manufacturers are creating cars that will greatly reduce the emission of harmful byproducts which are main source of pollution as well.


These are only some of the innovations today and expect for more to come in the near future. Amidst all this innovations, I sometimes ask myself, are these innovations worth it? Is it worth the time that the people behind it painstakingly devote to? Is it worth the money that people spend to own one? After looking at the advantages and the functions of such wonderful creation, I am convinced that it is indeed worth the time and worth the money. These tremendous innovative products will serve a lot of helpful functions to the people. But it must not be forgotten that having such innovation entails a lot of responsibility also for whoever may use it.










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