Posted by: jdavis | April 29, 2008

Self-parking cars, a sure help to your parking needs

Driving can be very easy for some, so much more if you are well acquainted with your car’s features already. However, parking the car is a different thing. Most people have difficulty parking, especially in places and cities where parallel parking is the only option. Careful maneuvering must be done when parking in this manner for a miscalculation may lead into that unwanted scratch in your car. Not to mention, the damage also that it will bring to the other cars. Hence, fundamental skill is needed to perfect parking in a small space. Thanks to the wonderful creation of Technology, people will not have much difficulty anymore in parking cars in a limited space. Car manufacturers have created self-parking cars to address to this particular problem, especially for those who live in big cities who may have to encounter it every day.


Aside form the ease and comfort self-parking cars will give to the driver, this technology will also help reduce traffic in crowded areas. Self-parking cars will certainly maximize the usage of the parking space because self-parking cars are able to fit into spaces which are smaller, a thing which is quite unattainable for drivers who does the parking themselves. When a driver parallel parks, this may also take sometime causing a lane to be blocked therefore resulting in a traffic.


To parallel park, the driver must follow these five basic steps:

1.      He pulls ahead of the space and stops beside the car in front of it.

2.      Turning the car’s wheels towards the curb, he backs into the space at around a 45-degree angle.

3.      When his front wheels are even with the rear wheels of the car in front of him, he straightens them and continues backing up.

4.      While checking his rear view to be sure that he doesn’t come too close to the car behind him, the driver turns his wheels away from the curb to swing the front end of his car into the space.

5.      Finally, the driver pulls forward and backwards in the space until his car is about one foot away from the curb.


Self-parking technology is oftentimes used for parallel parking. In this kid of parking, the car has to park parallel, aligned to other parked cars. So how does the Self-parking technology works? This technology makes use of the on-board computer system which takes over the steering wheel. The car moves forward, beside the front car and the driver stops when given the signal to do so. The driver reverses the car and frees the brakes slowly to begin to move backward. With the aid of the power steering system, the wheel is turned by the computer and carefully parks the car. When the car has fitted into the parking space already, a signal will tell the driver again to stop and change the car into drive and a final; signal will tell the driver that the parking is complete. However, the parking is not done by the car alone because the speed of the vehicle is still regulated by the driver by pressing and releasing the brakes.




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