Posted by: jdavis | April 29, 2008

The Trend in Car Colors

Colors are deemed to be important. Everybody has his/her favorite color. Some believe that particular colors bring good fortune. While for others, color speaks for who they are. Colors also have become so symbolic that it has been widely used around the world to refer to particular things. Red for instance is the color of love. Black is the color of mourning or could mean possessing a strong personality. White symbolizes purity (the reason why majority of wedding dress is white).  It is also said that colors are mere extension of us. These days colors are not only important when it comes to clothing but it has also become a significant aspect in choosing an automobile among buyers. Though, colors are not the main consideration of car buyers, it is also not the last.


There are many factors which affect the choice of color, aside from the personal preference of the buyer, studies also show that people living in a warm climate prefers car with light colors. Before, white was the usual choice among buyers but nowadays car owners are becoming more experimental when it comes to the colors of their most treasured possession which has eventually turned into their everyday companion. Pastel colors are also now emerging in the market, which is an outcome of the traditional white color.


Car manufacturers are constantly creating and coming up with new and more vibrant colors which will appeal to the customers. The new colors that are forecasted to be “in” are colors with a metallic touch. In addition to that, copper, deep blue and tinted silver are also on the list. Neural colors are also paving its way. Such colors have been popular especially among the lines of luxury cars in the market but gray is not as popular as before. Despite of this, people who are very particular when it comes to color trends, predicts that this color will make a return particularly if it will be added with a glittering touch. 


Green has become a favorite since the beginning of 1990’s.Silver on the other hand is known as the most popular color for cars. Contemporary colors of silver are now rising in the market. Metallic silver has gained a wide acceptance among car owners and prospective car buyers. For so many years, silver has been one of the top choices and can therefore be considered as one of the oldest but never fading color trend in the automobile industry.


When automobile companies create concept cars, they usually make use of colors which will attract a lot of attention, a head-turner, suffice it to say. Hence, the color is something extra ordinary such as the color of the Chevrolet Camaro Convertible which is Hugger Orange. It is believed that cars with strong colors grab a lot of attention which is an excellent way for its recognition.


Technology is also playing an important role in the creation of hotter and trendier colors. Flat and matte finishes which are already popular in the making of concept cars are made more interesting with the development of topcoat which is not very shiny but is stronger than the typical flat and matte finish that can be easily scratched. Auto companies are embracing a quite complicated car color finishes which is made up of numerous paint coating. With the aid of technology, paint nowadays is becoming more environment- friendly. Toxin-free, water-based paints are now being used these days.



Color choices will probably change over the course of time because people are always demanding for something cooer and trendier. What may be considered as trendy now will become obsolete in the near future. But no matter what the current trend in car color is, it is important that you choose the color that will best speak of yourself because car these days are already considered as an extension of yourself.








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