Posted by: jdavis | May 2, 2008

A glimpse of Toyota Prius

0th Generation If you will look at the car industry now, it is very evident that it has boomed through the years. There are plenty of cars to choose from, both in terms of the features and the economical side. It is predicted that more trendy and innovative cars will emerge in the near future. The state of the art technology and excellent designs are hitting the market nowadays. People (especially those who are fortunate enough to have a big dollar account) are willing to invest on extra expensive sports or luxurious cars as long as it meets their standard. It is quite amazing to see fantastic innovations unfolding our very eyes but it is also distressing to know that despite these high-tech discoveries, cars still remain a culprit in contributing to the deterioration of our environment. Cars emit harmful substance which is a huge factor in causing air pollution. More cars therefore mean more pollution. In the  years to come, perhaps more cars will be hitting the road and we do not know up to what extent these cars can damage Mother earth. Nonetheless, it is good to know that there are people with brilliant minds who have not stopped discovering ways on how to greatly minimize the car’s harmful emissions.


In December 1997, Toyota Prius car was sold in Japan. This car was the first hybrid car that was mass-produced. It was manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation. Prius is a latin word which means ‘to go before’ because it is believed that this car will become the forerunner of the cars to come in the future. It was in 1994 when Takeshi Uchiyamada was given the duty to create a car that is environment-friendly and fuel efficient at the same time. Thus, Toyota Prius was created. Years after its successful launch in Japan, sales started In Europe and United States. The car was not an instant hit in the States but with the creation of the 2004 Prius, the car paved its way to the US car industry.


The Prius is a combined hybrid car, meaning either gasoline or electric power can be used to drive it. Now, how does this car operates, making it environment friendly and fuel efficient? The Prius made use of a computer program which automatically stops the engine when the car is stopped, reversing, or going up the hill, hence, fuel consumption is noticeably lessen.The computer program on-board is the one responsible for determining on how the engine and the motor will be used in powering the car and recharging the battery to attain its utmost efficiency. Prius also minimizes pumping loss by making use of high torque range with an opened throttle. The engine control of this amazing car is manipulated by the ‘Drive-by –wire throttle’ and ‘Hybrid Synergy Drive’. Toyota Prius is really an excellent choice when driving in the city where the car has to stop every now and then because when this car is idle or traveling at a low speed, it stops the gasoline engine and operates exclusively on battery pack. Because of such features, the Prius dos not have to consume as much fuel as non-hybrid cars. It is also noted as environment friendly because when the car runs on electric power it does not have to emit fuel’s harmful byproducts.


We really cannot deny the fact that Toyota Prius have made a large contribution in the car industry. Its vision in becoming the predecessor of cars in the future has already come into reality because new and more hybrid cars are being manufactured not only to produce more innovative cars but also to help preserve the environment.


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