Posted by: jdavis | May 5, 2008

Mercedes-Benz: bionic car concept

Mercedes- Benz is one of the leading brands in the car industry which creates top of the line luxurious cars. It has lead in the designing of cars with extravagant features which has become common in vehicles nowadays. With the tremendous technology that we have now and the brilliant minds which go along with it, nothing seems impossible anymore. No wonder, concept cars are becoming even more splendid, trendy and innovative such as the Mercedes- Benz Bionic concept car.

“ Thinking the unthinkable. Looking beyond the horizon. Leaving familiar paths and giving new ideas a chance”, such is the philosophy of the technological leader of the automobile manufacturers, Daimler Chrysler. Such philosophy paved way to the creation of this bionic concept car. Truly, there are boundless possibilities when it comes to creating cars which is safer, more comfortable and environment-friendly. Science and technology offers a limitless range and wider perspective in the creation of cars for the future, an ultimate example is the bionic car.

Bionic is a combined aspect of biology and technology. Biology is the science which deals with the study of living organisms and technology is known merely as the application of science. Nature is the ultimate source where we can get the best ideas to come up with high-strength materials, low-friction surfaces, dirt-repellent coatings and practical Velcro fastenings, to name a few. This bionic car concept is the first from Mercedes-Benz.  That is acquiring the idea from Nature and transferring it to technology.

The biologists, botanists, engineers and automotive researchers all went to explore the Nature so as to be able to obtain the best concept for the bionic car. The team went to explore the aqua world and there they found the organism that they are looking for, the ‘boxfish’.  Boxfish is a quite extra ordinary fish which leaves in the corals, seaweeds and even lagoons.  It has to safeguard its strength and use as few energy as possible. To do so, it has to use its compelling muscles and streamlined shape. In addition to that, the boxfish also has to defend its body from a clash as it can not sustain high pressure. To top it all, it has to move in a restricted place to look for food which demands good maneuvering. The boxfish has a cubed shape body, nevertheless, it possess a good swimming ability. It makes use of all its parts for protection and maneuvering. When these concepts are applied to automotive engineering, the boxfish becomes the perfect model for inflexibility and aerodynamics.

Thus, a car was created following the shape of the boxfish. The result was an automobile with a capacity of four occupants, two doors, glass roof and a broad tailgate with the safety features and comfortable design which is common among Mercedes-Benz cars. The actual size is 4.24m long, 1.82m. wide and 1.59m high. It is also accompanied with aerodynamic features such as cameras instead of external mirrors, door handles which are flush-fitted and rear wheels which are nearly completely covered with plastic sheets.  

The Mercedes-Benz bionic concept car is also fuel efficient. It roughly consumes 4.3 liters of fuel every 100 km. It is 20 percent more efficient than the average automobiles. It also has notably 80 percent lower nitrogen oxide emission. The hexagonal shape of the boxfish also follows the standard of utmost strength for the smallest amount of weight. It only proves that biology does not only impart excellent aerodynamics but also gives way to the advancement of lightweight techniques for construction.

Bionic aims to make use of the nature’s best to be transformed to technology. It believes that nature can be a clever source for engineering and design. Thus, solutions to the problems confronting the people and the environment can be answered by nature itself. With the nature as our inspiration, new discoveries will surely emerge, not only will these be more innovative, more sustainable but more environment-friendly as well.





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