Posted by: jdavis | May 8, 2008

Hybrid cars, what is it?

Hybrids, hybrids and more hybrids! Everyone seems to be interested in knowing more about these interesting cars being produced nowadays. The era of hybrid cars have finally arrived and further studies and experiments are being conducted to come up with better and superb hybrid cars. People seem can’t get enough of it that it has become a byword among car enthusiasts and non-car enthusiasts alike. Amidst the publicity of the positive effects of using hybrid cars, curiosity and questions arise in our minds. What really is a hybrid car? Why is it called hybrid? What are its benefits? And so on and so forth…..

To start with, the term HYBRID means a fusion or crossbreed of two or more components. Generally, the hybrid product is aimed to be a lot better considering the fact that is the result of combining the features of various components. In the case of hybrid cars, it is a fusion of the excellent characteristics of electric motor and gasoline engine. The car runs both by using engine and electricity. It usually uses electricity when the car is traveling at a low speed such as in urban areas where the car stops and goes or when climbing up the hill when engines alone are not that competent to be used. You might wonder where a hybrid car gets electricity. Does it have to be plugged in to an outside source? Well the answer is no, Gasoline and redeveloped breaking gives off the energy needed by the vehicle.   Hybrid vehicles do get the energy they need when putting on the breaks or putting the car on stop. How? When the aforementioned actions take place, the car uses the electric motor to create electricity which is saved in the car’s battery for future use. With hybrid cars, energy used when performing those two actions are not wasted because it is changed into electricity. If ever, the battery’s charge drops under a definite level, the gasoline engine is turned on automatically to charge the battery and operate the electrical motor.

Hybrid cars are known to be a big factor in the reduction of air pollution since it does not use gasoline alone. Emissions from cars are believed to aggravate the current condition of the environment especially in terms of pollution. Aside from the harmful effects of air pollution to the environment, it also puts the health of the people at risk. Although, at this point it is quite unattainable for hybrid cars to totally eradicate emission by 100 percent, it has dramatically decreased the emission of toxins from the car and future models may even decrease it even more.

Hybrids are also fuel efficient because they only use gasoline when needed. This usually happens when the car is traveling at a constant speed; otherwise, the electric motor is used. It is also possible to use both the engine and electric motor at the same time when the vehicle’s acceleration needs boosting up.

Creation of hybrid cars has started as early as 1989. Since then, car manufacturers have taken into consideration the possibility of creating hybrids for the car industry. The creation became evident in the 1990’s and until now, more state of the art hybrid vehicles are coming out. This most talked about ‘hybrid topic’ is getting across the world and more people are encouraged to use it, both for economical and environmental reasons. At this point, it is still very early to tell how the people will accept the wide usage of this car, since some critics are still in doubt of the benefits this car will bring about. Car manufacturers are still in the process of creating and developing the ultimate hybrid car (if there will be such). For the meantime, let’s just wait and see before our very eyes the unfolding of a superb creation.





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