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What of old cars? Those which are not so good enough to pose for a magazine as a vintage and for those who do not have enough money to finance their ‘facelift’ and undergo ‘aesthetic surgery,’ what will become of them? After your car gives you my dear friend several years of faithful service and it tells you about its retirement, what comes next?


I just happened to walk past this corner of the subdivision this afternoon and can’t really contain myself with what I have seen. Right before my very eyes was this one big junk- a car. It was a wreck, with dents all over the body and dripping oils on the ground and spread over itself. I can’t possibly guess the cause of its being there, accident maybe or simple negligence of the owner.  Yet there it was a stark reality. It brought back to me similar experience last month, but of quite different quality since it carries with it greater magnitude.  If here there is only a car, in there was a pile of cars – pieces of junks that are not disposed of properly but are simply left to rot, take care of its own and rot on its own.


It might simply be a simple issue if one would not really mind and care at all. But I can’t simply set it aside and think enough of it because of its negative impact to our environment.  Whenever I see used cars simply left to rot in a corner. I loathe and hate people who are the least unmindful of their junk. Why? Because it is something that is not utterly useless but can be made useful. Only if one is really mindful at all. As what one would always hear, there are many ways of killing a cat, so there are many ways of disposing the junk. Disposing the junk is not only for the sake of disposing but also for some more benefits.


This brings me to realize two points. First, there is really not enough concern on the part of some members of the populace to keep our nature clean and simply worth living. For some, if they find their thing unusable anymore, they would set it aside and wait for somebody else to clean up the mess for them. That is also good in the sense that there are others who rely on their indolence such as the junk collectors. However, the inner drive to think of doing something better for the others should also prevail especially if it is also within your means to accomplish it.  Second, the government does not have an adequate program that would address the need and if ever there is, it is not that effective. Just in the case of the pile of cars, it could have been more useful in other ways than simply piling it up. The government needs money.


Car manufacturers are continuously exerting their effort to provide better quality cars that would serve not only our needs but also our whims and desires. As they continue to develop technology and bring us to greater advancement, may we be also one with car researchers and develop mentalists in discovering alternative ways so much so we could contribute in the preservation of nature and make this world a better place to live in. Remember that owning a car entails a lot of responsibility and commitment. Here is a simple contribution from the net on how we, car owners, in our own simple way could help in the preservation of Mother Nature. Go ecological, go environmental.






Driving Green: 10 Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly on the Road

1. The Right Tool for the Task
      2. Route and Speed
      3. Tires
      4. Junk in the Trunk
      5. Aerodynamics
      6. Idling
      7. Fuel
      8. Air-Conditioning
      9. Oil Changes
      10. Disposing of Waste


Now here is not quite a junk that may have real use at all. Sugarcanes! In one would find the discussion of a company struggling to do research on

 Bio-diesel fuel extracted or produced from sugarcanes. The company Amyris-Crystalsev Research and Development of Biocombustibles Ltd aims to use their by-product by the year 2010. They believe that the new fuel will reduce car emissions harmful to the environment by 80 percent compared with the emissions of a petroleum based diesel.


Here is my salute to the company, which in my own terms really support the global call for environmental awareness and concern – Toyota.

Our Environmental Commitment

Green. That’s how we’d like the world to be. As an environmental leader, Toyota does more than meet industry standards—we seek to raise them. With an unwavering commitment to environmental protection, Toyota strives to create clean and efficient products, and to conserve resources before our vehicles even hit the road.

The Global Earth Charter, under our Guiding Principles, was set forth to promote environmental responsibility for every aspect of our company and significantly reduce the impact our vehicles have on the planet.

That’s why we subscribe to a recurring 5-year Environmental Action Plan that sets earth-friendly goals. Toyota is happy to report that we’ve successfully achieved our first Action Plan for U.S. operations, and have now launched our second



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