Posted by: jdavis | May 8, 2008

On Cars and Uniqueness

It seems at the outset that hybrids, from the very term itself, are not entirely unique. Taking something from something and adding it to another thing and then voila. There it is! A hybrid! A car which is ran by fossil fuel and other alternative power sources such as hydrogen. Everyone is unique. Everything is unique.


Cars are unique.


Primarily we could speak of the sense of their being one. One can never find a car that is exactly alike with the other cars. If you would simply try to look at it, it seems it is just the same with all other cars. Same features, same make up, same built, same manufacturer, same model. Yet if you happen to try one after the other, you will come to find out that each one is really unique. Each has a different character. So much with the statement” So you must get the right timing!” In that sense it is in their very own right, alone.


Each car’s history attests to its uniqueness. From the very moment it comes as a concept, it is already unique. Wide and imaginative minds of makers of the concept cars come into play with different designs and built that will surely amaze the public. Then it will proceed to the showroom where a lot of critical minds, both aesthetic and dull, try to weigh their pro’s and con’s and further the public’s acceptance. What follows next whenever given the chance is its manufacture where skillful hands and precise machines work its way to produce high quality cars. Out then the car rolls to the experienced hands of the car companies that gives it another beautiful presentation. Now the car, in all its uniqueness, stands before everybody’s eyes. Ready for whoever takes it.


Finally the dance of the car’s uniqueness apparently ends at the hands of its owner. Each car owner would always say this is my car and with it is the pride of its uniqueness. It is different. It has its own story to tell. Whether it is a brand new one, a second hand, third hand or how many hands passed over it. More than just its being a car, of its being alone, of its being special, of its being the one, it is your car!


In like manner it seems I am simply a hybrid of my father’s and my mother’s genes. But alas, each man is also unique. And corollary to his uniqueness, man is always alone. From the very moment he is born up to the last moment of his breath he is all alone. One may ask how it could be possible since at the time of his birth there the mother was, there the doctor was, there the nurses was and all others who were present at that wondrous beginning of one’s existence. How will he be alone if during the moments of his growing up years, there are always his contemporaries, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends and others who are present at every event of his life? How could he be alone at the last moment of his breath if he is with the family and in sickness has been under the care of whoever loves and cares for him? These seem quite true. But have we not noticed that in spite of all these, one is still alone. From the most basic of man’s activity up to the most complex act, he is the only one who performs it. He alone breathes, talks, walks, speaks, dances, sings, etc., and sleeps. Nobody does it for him. Can you breathe in my place? Can u walk in my place? Nope. Never. Nada! That gives me my uniqueness and my importance. I am unique in this world and nobody can take away this uniqueness from me… for I am me.


Same principle is true with cars, every car is unique. Every car has its own touch of trend, of innovation and nobody can take it away from them.


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