Posted by: jdavis | May 9, 2008


People’s concerns these days are not just having cars which are sure head-turners or those with high horse power or optimum performance. Last time, I have written about hybrids and the environment. Truly, people are becoming more educated and showing more concern to the environment now than before. With the adverse climate change which makes people suffer a lot, it is really not far from being possible that people (other than the environmentalists) are beginning to exhibit more concern now. Dialogs and environmental awareness are being held all over the world to address the various issues concerning the environment. Amidst the fast growing auto industry, we cannot deny the fact that cars are one of the leading causes of pollution thereby causing a lot of danger to the people and destroying the environment as well. Thank you to the brilliant designers, engineers and car manufacturers who have undergone thorough research and tests to create a vehicle that will dramatically lessen the emission of harmful by-products form vehicles if not totally eradicate them in the near future and the only available option for doing so right now is by creating a vehicle that will be operated by electricity. 

1998 was the year that electric cars were supposed to hit the market. 2 years after, the state of California made a statement that 2 percent of the cars which will be sold in the state by top car manufacturers by 1998 will not emit the harmful gas which contributes to the worsening case of air pollution. Two more states agreed with the statement, namely, New York and Massachusetts. Electric car was seen then as the ultimate way to achieve clean air and environment. However, the predicted outcome did not turn the way it was expected to be because by 1998, very few vehicles were running on batteries. Suffice it to say, the idea of owning a car being ran on batteries did not interest a lot of buyers. Experts believe that the reason behind the unsuccessful appeal of the car to the buyers could be anchored on the fact that electric cars are not as adaptable as gasoline cars.

Nevertheless, a lot of people have not stopped being enthusiastic about the said battery electric vehicles (BEV’s). They continue believing on the potential success of cars being run on batteries. And alas! What used to be a concept, a dream, is now in fact becoming a reality.

The advancement in technology and the state of the art manufacturing have allowed car manufacturers to create Hybrid Electric Vehicles. If battery electric vehicles (BEV’s) were limited in terms of its versatility, hybrids are undoubtedly flexible and efficient. It uses the internal combustion engine in charging its batteries and to turn the wheels, electric motors are used.

There is really nothing impossible for the people who never fail to believe that something can definitely be done to cars to promote clean air and to go green.  Aside form the hybrids; there are also ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV) and super ultra low emission vehicle (SULEV).

There are plenty of possibilities and enhancements that can be done to achieve better and more environment-friendly vehicles. Who knows in time if there will be a car solely operated by electric power? We will never know but one thing for sure is that plenty of consumers are looking for cars which are environment friendly. It will indeed be a big challenge for car companies to create vehicles which will satisfy the driving demands of consumers, but as long as there are brilliant minds, state of the art technology and tremendous concern for nature, nothing will remain impossible.

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