Posted by: jdavis | May 14, 2008

Concept Cars

Generations have passed. Car industries have undergone tremendous changes which are considered beneficial to the populace. It is indeed breath taking to see cars which we never thought would emerge in the market. The features of today’s vehicles are simply far out compared to the vehicles way back then. I firmly believe that we owe these things to the ultra-modern technology and facilities that we have this time. But despite the excellent features of every car that comes out in the market, people seem to ask for more. Truly, man is never satisfied or contented. What is interesting today maybe boring tomorrow. What is technologically advanced today maybe a vintage tomorrow. So the non-stop innovation continues. Each car is made better and more automated than the previous one. But advancement is not all there is. People want so much to become part in the creation of cars, their cars. They want to give comments and suggestions on how to make the car more superb, more futuristic, more stylish and a lot MORE. As car manufacturers find way to satisfy and meet the wants and whims of the consumers, creation of concepts car began.

Concept car is a prototype of the car. It is intended to show the style, concept and features of the vehicle to weigh the consumer’s response to the new concept and design. A concept or prototype car is frequently shown at motor shows. The car has the possibility of being or not being able to make it on the market. The acceptability of the car by the consumers will speak so much whether it will or will not be produced. If the public had a positive response to the concept car, it still has to undergo a lot of changes and enhancements before it is finalized. The practical, economical and safety features are taken into careful consideration.  

Concept cars are either made from paper, carbon fiber or alloy. Some possess an exceptional layout that cannot be found on the final product. Very few concept cars are functional. Some are only mock-ups made of wax, clay, metal, or plastic. Prototypes are intended to function although minimally while mock-ups are only made to appear like the real system and is not functional. Prototypes are destroyed, hidden in the storage room or kept in the company’s museum.

There are a lot of concept cars being showcased yearly. We get amazed and at times dumb founded with the new concepts and designs presented by car manufacturers. Some car designs even make us feel like we’re living in the future. Technology really has its own way of satisfying us- more than our needs, it satisfies our eyes.




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