Posted by: jdavis | May 26, 2008


I have personally known people who have lost their lives because of car accidents. I have seen cars totally wrecked after encountering a collision. Lives were lost, properties got wrecked. And so I ask, who is to be blamed?


Every car enthusiast is so engrossed on the latest car trends and innovation. Everybody seem to be aware of the most powerful car, the most efficient, the most elegant and the most sporty, not to mention the stuffs which are in and those which are not. People are willing to spend plenty of bucks for the hottest car accessory in town. Well, if you have the resources, why not? Of course, everybody has that longing to accentuate his/her car and make it a real head-turner, to make it stand out from the rest. Pardon me for saying this, but it seems to me that people are more engrossed on the car’s features and how to enhance its looks that more often than not, safety is taken for granted.


When you leave the comfort of your homes and begin traversing the road, always make safety a priority. Even the most powerful and superb car will be deemed useless if it gets wreck in a collision. Car manufacturer these days are dedicating a lot of their time on how to ensure safety. Way back then, car occupants depend on seat belts for safety. These days however, there are air bags already. Airbag like a seatbelt is a type of safety control device. It can be mounted on the steering wheel, door, roof and dashboards. These are the parts of the car where occupants are likely to hit in an event of collision. Air bag has a sensor which is able to detect the size and position of the occupant and even on how crucial the crash is. Frontal airbags are intended to prevent the car’s occupants from hitting the steering wheel, dash board or wind shield in an event of a crash. Side-impact airbags on the other hand protects the head and the chest of the occupants in an event of a crash involving the side of the vehicle.


While it is true that this safety feature will greatly help the occupants incase of a car accident, thereby greatly reducing possible injuries but then let us not forget of the basic things to be remembered. Oftentimes, we depend on the safety feature of the vehicle that we tend to forget the most fundamental things, such as bringing the car to a mechanic for a regular check-up or if you know how to do it yourself, include in your schedule(no matter how busy you are) time to check your car. Owning a car is not at all that easy. Responsibility comes along with it. Making sure that all the car’s components are functioning well and is properly maintained is your responsibility. How many mishaps have happened because the brake of the car malfunctioned? How many got into trouble because the lighting system of the car did not work? It has been a common practice already that car parts and accessories are only replaced if a breakdown has been experienced already. Do you have to wait till you get into an accident before you do something? Let us be thankful to the high-technology that we have these days and the brilliant minds that have enhanced the safety features of our automobiles, but in the end, it is still you who has a huge role in making sure of your safety once you hit the road. Allow me also to say this famous line which I believe you have heard time and again. Do not drink and drive. Be responsible. Value your life more than you value your car.



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