Posted by: jdavis | May 29, 2008

What’s new with Ford?

Ford is one of the leading car manufacturers. It has manufactured vehicles that have been a real hit in the market. Its aesthetics, durability, and functionality cannot be outdone. Ford is indeed keeping its promise of creating new and better automobiles that will perfectly fit the demands of modern day living. Enormous changes are happening everyday, from the simplest to the most complicated. To keep up with these changes, Ford has remained committed to enhancing the features of its automobiles using state of the art technology.

So, what’s new with Ford?

Ø       Virtual technology

Ford now uses ergonomics technology. Ergonomics is rooted from two

Greek words, ergo which means work and nomos which means law. It aims to make use of human energy in the most effective and efficient way. At Ford, they make manufacturing less stressful among its workers by decreasing actions which are done repeatedly. How do they do it? They have set-up a computer-generated virtual assembly line workstation wherein an engineer equipped with sensors perform an assembly and while in the process, high-tech cameras capture the movements and such movements are transmitted to a computer which recognizes the repetitive motions. Once it has been identified, it makes necessary changes to the assembly line. In doing so, they are able to lessen manufacturing costs and enhance quality at the same time.  

Ø       Sound Screen windshield

Ford has introduced a Sound Screen windshield. This windshield is

constructed with a sound-absorbent vinyl in between two sheets of glass. This aims to decrease the cabin noise which is no doubt not very pleasing to listen to. Its 2008 Mercury Mariner uses this kind of windshield along with other sound-absorbing materials and it turned out that it is 12 percent quieter in the highway and 20 percent in high-velocity crosswinds compared to the 2007 model.

Ø       Sync

People have become so accustomed to using their mobile phones and

players anywhere they go but when driving, using it is quite hard. Hence Ford has partnered with Microsoft to create Sync. It is a communication and entertainment system that can be activated by just using your voice. Yes, you got it right! It is hands-free! This system is particularly available on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury brands in the United States.

Ø       Smarter Cruise Control

This technology uses both visual and audio signals to warn drivers

about possible danger which will need braking or ambiguous steering. It has a forward-looking radar that will aid the driver in adjusting speed and maintaining a particular distance from the vehicle ahead.

Ø       Suits up to address customer needs

The ergonomics team of Ford is creating new and superb products by

taking into consideration three things. Ease of use, safety and comfort. Ford wants its customer to make use of the vehicle with as much ease and comfort as possible even without the owner’s manual.  It also uses a “third-age suit” so that young engineers and designers will know exactly the feeling of being old and therefore come up with something that will be beneficial to people belonging to the older age bracket. Aside from the third-age suit there is also the “empathy belly” which aids the engineers understand the inconveniences and needs of a pregnant woman.

          These are only some of the new technologies and new approaches

Ford is making use of to better serve its customers. Truly the company has remained faithful to its commitment in creating automobiles which are safe, durable, and provides utmost comfort and performance. Since the company started in 1903, it has created various models which have made a great impact in the automotive industry and I am quite sure that it will continue to find more ways on how to create sate of the art automobiles.





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