Posted by: jdavis | June 1, 2008


Gadgets? Who would not want one especially if it would be for one’s convenience. As the world desires to make everyday life as convenient as possible, more and more gadgets are coming out. These superb innovations (no matter how simple) do provide us comfort and makes owning a car a lot exciting and convenient more so if one is always on the go. Now take a look at the newest gadgets in town and feed your desires.


  • For a busy person who goes to market and fetches his son at school or the baseball match, keeping items (such as ice cream and meat) frozen safe until you reach home is a real need otherwise putrefying smell will work as a substitute to your air freshener. Would a mini-ref inside your car do you a favor? Surely yes! A mini-ref is a sure guarantee and thanks the inventions and innovations for the good news is Ford has done it in its 2009 Flex. With it around you can have your frozen produce safe and sound and what’s more, you can enjoy sipping your cooled favorite drink to quench your thirst. How about owning one now?


  • How would a pregnant woman wear a seatbelt without endangering the life of the unborn? Wearing a lap seatbelt for pregnant women is quite inconvenient and risky as well. The Journal of the American Medical Association states that four out of five deaths of unborn infants happen due to car accidents. It only implies that it is not really advisable for pregnant women to be wearing lap belt because it does put pressure into the abdomen. Hence the TummyShield was created. It secures the passenger in place by using two straps that fastens around the thighs.


  •  Are you the type of person who wants to get in touch with the outside world, wanting to know the current events even when you are traversing the road? Well, this one may just appeal to you. USTelemetics developed a system using WiMax wireless internet in order to bring the latest happenings right



  • inside your car while moving. The system is also expected to incorporate GPS and safety features. However, the place where it will be located must be given careful thoughts as it may distract the driver while driving.


  • Are you sick and tired of that stinky odor inside your car? The redesigned Infiniti FX crossover will be including in its feature a Plasmacluster Filtration. This will surely eradicate that not so good smell inside the car’s cabin. Plasmacluster has two settings. The Clean Mode catches molds and particles by releasing ions while the Ion Mode streams the car’s interior with negative ions to reproduce the fresh air that you acquire after a heavy rain.


  • You think cd’s in your car and in your car stereo is really a mess? Worry not for current trends would like to ditch these cd’s in favor of the iPods, MP3s or memory cards. This will really give you a good ample space for your other things. More than that is the larger capacity for songs in a smaller container. What a way!


  • Replacing your wheels or getting your car out of a mud takes a lot of time and effort but not anymore. This new hose attached to the exhaust pipe can lift your car and hold it for 45 minutes. The good old hydraulic jack that adds more weight and space for your car is replaced with a lighter and easier jack that operates with the car’s exhaust. Think of any other alternative? If you want you may blow it until your lungs run out of air.


      How is that? A mini-ref,  jack that operates with exhaust, cd-less car stereo, air filtration, wireless internet, and pregnant friendly seat-belt are just a few gadgets enumerated above. More will come in our next meeting. See you around!



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