Posted by: jdavis | June 2, 2008


What’s new? Looking for something new seems to be a common ground between two friends or acquaintances that haven’t seen each other for quite a time. Seems to be a constant question one poses whenever one sees anybody he met and haven’t been in touch for quite some time, be it a week or two, more so a year. I have recently bumped into one of my old buddies when I was still yet in college. Just as I expected, same constant question popped out. And there we were, in between of hi’s and hello’s were the questions of what’s new. So, I haven’t heard from him for a year. The last time I saw him was when he was with his boyfriend. I could easily notice he was not with the same companion prior to the time I saw him. He was then with a girlfriend. But I guess that is how life really works, lots of changes that one is always surprised not to see one.


So I asked him what’s new for today. Checking in for new gadgets for an ol’ good car, he replied! Unhesitatingly I gave him my new found list of gadgets that are already in the market though some are still on the way. I recommend he should really get it a visit and access But his insistence still prompted me to describe several gadgets in the site. Here are some!

Of all things, the GPS related innovations!

If you hit upon yourself becoming lazy finding a place to park your car and if ever you found one, you cannot park it rightfully because you hate the backing and moving forward of your car, Volkswagen Passat CC will work it our for you. It features a park assist system that steers the car into the right parking spot using cameras, sensors and software. The driver’s only participation is controlling the braking and acceleration during maneuver. Not bad huh for really a lazy individual.

Complementing the said feature is the MirrorPilot that integrates the GPS system in the left hand corner of the mirror. The only setback of this kind of gadget is that it gives you only 2.2 inch screen of GPS on your mirror which could really be a burden especially when you are in a fast lane.

However this technology which is an additional to a long line of services offered by a GPS system could be more helpful. That is a steering wheel that points the way. Seems to be quiet a Nintendo game yet it would really provide you an easier way to navigate instead of looking and searching in a navigation screen of a GPS. This is presented by the Japanese technology company Takara in partnership with Navigon. Quite a way huh!

And guess what? GPS not only provides you direction as to how to get your way but also how to get you through. Several times you were apprehended because of smoking and drinking? Why not try to have one and have your self in check prior to the check up of the officer? Think there is none? Rethink again for here is a breath analyzer offered by A Portuguese GPS Company which does not only gives you direction and tell you how to get where you are going but tells you if you can have yourself behind the wheel.

Of other gadgets aside from the GPS, here are some!

Being kind of cool with gadgets especially with MP3 and mobile phone, this feature will be just in time for him – the voice command compatibility that Ford SYNC offers. Being an on the go individual and having a lot of persons to talk to because of his delivery business, having a car that possesses this feature gives one a time to have more focus and grip maneuvering the car while at the same time navigate his phone and MP3. Ford’s SYNC also offers a navigation system that shows the routes to the cheapest gas in the area and at the same time provides traffic. This is made possible by the SYNC’s connection with Sirius satellites.

Next is the cool idea introduced by Delphi. And what was the idea all about? A car linked to an iPhone. Although this could not really make your car travel remotely but there are some useful features this iPhone offers. Tired of the hot summer sun and staying at a distance from your car that has been exposed to the noonday sun hoping that it would cool down the time you reach it, Hope no longer for the iPhone can adjust the cabin temperature remotely. It could also unlock the doors and start the engine from a distance. For the car’s benefits on the other hand, the phone can check tire pressure, oil and brake fluid and rolls up the windows when it starts to rain. What’s best is you can do it even if you are a mile away. Although this is still a concept as of this moment, yet it is worth waiting.

Other gadgets include a retractable stud winter tires, wiperless windshield, a self-inflating tire, push-button starters, internet and wi-fi in cars. So much for now, have more the next time around!



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