Posted by: jdavis | June 4, 2008


Time passes by so fast. The technology that was once a dream is now a reality. The cars which were conceptualize before is now being used by many. There are lots of new things, innovations and trends. It is kinda’ amazing to be living in this new age where robotics is but a natural thing and state of the art gadgets can be easily accessed but despite of these a lot of things are still lacking. Poverty, scarcity of food, peace and order are still major issues that have to be resolved. Sometimes I hesitate to watch news because the current events are very disheartening. I remember that one-liner of a song which says “Heal the world, make it a better place.” Amidst the modern world is a place where peace is hardly attained. We fear walking on dark streets, in public places, in banks, even in the comfort of our homes. It seems to me now that there is no safe place anymore. There are a lot of wicked people out there and we just hope that policemen will be able to catch them so as to lessen the threat in the society.

          Here are some of the latest cop gadgets that will surely give policemen better efficiency.

1.Carbon Motors E7

Typical police cars are made from standard vehicles and are just equipped with the necessary components that are customary among police cars. These include lights, sirens and other gadgets. Though standard cars are also functional, a purpose-built police car will be far more effective and useful. The Carbon Motors E7 is the first ever customized car for the sole purpose of aiding specific police needs. The car’s feature includes an armored front doors and dashboards, infra red cameras and is capable of 0 to 60 mph speed in a matter of 6 seconds. The speed can go as fast as 155 mph. Its seats are also custom built and can accommodate radios and large equipments. It can be mounted also with a license-plate-reading camera which is a powerful tool for tracking cars used as accessories to crimes. But the thing is, the Carbon Motors E7 is still non-existent. According to William Li, the chairman and CEO of Atlanta-based Carbon motors, one problem confronting its usage is that law enforcement agencies do not order cars in bulk. Hence, a large fund is needed to make the manufacturing of Carbon Motors E7 cars a reality.


2. Project54 Voice-Command System


How about a system that will allow policemen to activate gadgets in the car through a voice command? This system will enable policemen to turn on the siren and lights, run a license plate and clock a speeding car without touching anything in the car. All of these can be done by a voice-command! The software can be installed to a laptop that is fairly powerful or a tablet running Windows 2000, Vista or XP. The equipments are then incorporated to the system. Project54 is relatively affordable. The cost starts at $500 per agency to as much as $4000 for every vehicle (depending on how obsolete the equipment of the department is)


So, how does it work? Say for example a police officer would want to know if a suspected car has been issued a warrant before, he can just hold down the push-to-talk button and he can listen to the results without taking his eyes off the road, thus enabling him to keep track of the car. If the police officer would want to chase a car, he can turn on the sirens and all the necessary lights by just saying the word           ” Pursuit”. These together with the other features make this command system one of a kind.


I will be posting more cop gadgets on my next blog. Till then!





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