Posted by: jdavis | June 9, 2008

Remarkable Car Gadgets

Gadgets are all around. In television, in malls, in the Internet and almost everybody is talking about how cool their gadget is. And whenever a new gadget hits the market, it becomes a by-word instantly (especially to those who have become so engrossed and dependent to it). The car industry of course cannot be left behind when it comes to the newest gadgets which are not only cool but will also provide drivers a lot of convenience and additional safety.


Let’s admit it; driving can be very exhausting at times, especially when you are not familiar with the road that you are traversing. Having a map might help but it will consume a lot of your time and it’s quite inconvenient. I remember one time, when I was with my colleagues and we were on our way to a conference, we were suppose to be at the venue at exactly seven in the evening but because we were not familiar with the place, we arrived at the venue an hour late. Well, I guess if only our car was equipped then with a navigation system getting to the place on time will be easier. Some says that having this particular system inside the vehicle is quite distracting as it may require you to constantly glance at the monitor therefore you cannot focus on the road. With the new Navigation system that can be operated verbally, that will no longer be a problem. As you find your way, the system verbalizes the directions hence you can focus your eyes on the road.


Navigon 7100 is a Navigation system that comes equip with a portable GPS. The Navigon 7100 does not only help the driver stay focus on the road, it also provides a great advancement in terms of the screen display. The three-dimensional street view displays vividly road signs and exits.


Majority, if not all car equipments are operated using our hands which can again distract drivers. With the emerging technology and hi-tech gadgets, voice command is another milestone in the car industry. Superb gadgets such as this change entirely the way drivers interact with their cars. Driving is constantly becoming easier and more exciting with such creations. Just imagine you can keep your hands on the wheel while fixing your eyes on the road. Aside from navigation, operating your cell phones and audio systems are now easier and can be done using voice-command. Ford Sync and Scosche Fusion have made use and taken advantage of this wireless technology. What is so amazing about this particular technology is that it automatically turns the volume down when you are making a phone call in order to hear the person on the other line clearly.


How about a remote that will give you the signal if your car’s engine is at the right temperature already? The Viper Responder LE is a combination of a remote starter and an alarm system. We know for a fact that a car’s engine is able to function best when it is not too hot or too cold. Hence, warming up the car is necessary especially during cold days. Having a hard time guessing if your car is ready to go?  Well, it’s not a problem anymore. With a remote such as Viper Responder LE, you will know exactly when the car is ready because the remote will give you the signal that the temperature is all set.


I am pretty sure there are still a lot of gadgets to come in the near future. For now, try to make use of these high-tech gadgets that will surely make driving more fun, convenient and safe. Spending some bucks while equipping your car with state of the art gadgets is worth it when you consider the benefits you will get from it. Brilliant minds have created these brilliant devices, so why not make use and take advantage of it?


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