Posted by: jdavis | June 12, 2008

Waterless Car Wash?

Time really calls for great conservation of energies. With the prices of fossil fuel skyrocketing and almost all parts of the globe s affected by the surge in oil prices, calls for alternative measures are afloat. These days alone fuel prices increased a lot of times than he other years. Oil companies points at the global world market. Just recently, the news speaks about the violent demonstration in India protesting the 10 percent oil price increase. A lot of human beings sacrificed. Not only that, the call for conservation of energies is complemented by the call for greater care for the environment. New inventions and innovations, thank God, are expressing support for such call. On the car industry alone, we have the development of hybrid cars and the world witnessed the mass production of hybrids and rolling out into the market by Toyota Prius. Toyota Prius made use of the combined energies from the fossil fuel and electricity stored in battery cells. Hydrogen as an alternative fuel joined the call with Ford’s Hyseries Edge. Lately, we have the electric cars of which Nissan has vowed to pioneer the mass production.


The call should really be heeded. The environment is fast reacting to our technology and all its waste. Global warming has become a part of common parlance. Storms and floods speak of the abundance of water. Drought that speaks of the absence of it is common nowadays and has claimed a lot of lives. Global warming has really gone global with the global effects experienced in all parts of the globe – China, Japan, US to name a few.


Hope however is never extinguished. Although man commits blunder by being an agent of destruction because of his being abusive of the environment rooted on the desire of improving  himself and having a better lot, still this same man struggles to improve or in a more positive tone struggle to preserve the environment out of the recent global advocacy for the matter concerned. Innovative technology still aids him in his quest. Among those contributions is the conservation of water. Water composes almost three-fourths of the globe. Bodies of water could be found everywhere – but that is only for some countries that are really blessed with water. In spite of such abundance, there are still existing places that really needs water. That is why even if there is an apparent abundance of water, conservation of it is still called for. Water is life. And thanks for the innovation, a contribution is made.


Think the age of -less has already been over such as the keyless entry system? Think again for here is another one of those –less in the realm of innovations – the waterless car wash. Although moving on in waterless drive is not anymore new because of the urinals that do not make use of water and dry cleaning for the clothes, still the thought of having the idea applied on cars is still far from reality. Yet, here is now a concrete proof of the reality. The article submitted by Derek Newberry and subsequently published by Business Development talks of the car wash that started in Brazil and now expanded its technology abroad. The company uses native Brazilian wax that makes cars spotless without the use of water. Just like the hybrid and alternative fuels, this one pushes for the conservation of the environment by saving millions of gallons of water. What’s next? The company dreams and big and pushes for something bigger for according to the author, in one of his interviews with the company, the company aims to clean not only cars but also jets using the same technology, waterless.



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