Posted by: jdavis | June 17, 2008

On Hybrid Cars and Battery Shortage

Hybrid car is both environment-friendly and fuel-efficient. The primary problem that was addressed by the creation of hybrid cars was the worsening condition of our environment. The fact is we are bombarded with a lot of environmental concerns that are greatly affecting us. It has been said that what goes around, comes around. Whatever it is that we’re suffering from right now because of the inconsistencies in our climate is all because of our own doing. Mother Nature has her own way of making us realize how badly we have destroyed our environment. There is variety of factors destroying our Nature, and we cannot hide the fact that the harmful byproducts that our cars emit are one of the major culprits. Hence, the hybrid car was created.

It is indeed true that this remarkable innovation is a notable solution for the environmental concern that we are confronted with. While engineers and car manufacturers are still in the process of creating a vehicle that will not produce any emission at all, it helps to know that we have hybrid cars that will help lessen the car’s emission. Hence, there is a drive that encourages people to go green and to buy hybrids. We may think that there is still a lot of non-hybrid cars out there right now, producing toxic elements and continuously polluting our environment anyway. But then come to think of this. One hybrid car will definitely make a difference.

Aside from the environment-friendly feature of hybrid cars, it is also fuel-efficient. Car owners and the general public in particular are greatly alarmed with the increasing price of fuel in the market. It can be noted that oil price increase happens almost everyday or every other day. Many car owners even opted to take the public utility vehicle instead of using their car because budget-wise, taking the latter will be less expensive. For those who still want to enjoy the comfort of their vehicles, hybrid car is again a perfect choice.

More and more people are now buying hybrid cars. There is actually a high demand for hybrid cars nowadays. That is actually good news since advocates of hybrid cars does not anymore need to indulge into massive campaign about its purchase because the consumer themselves are already demanding for it. However, it seems that car manufacturers are not ready for this dramatic acceptance. Perhaps, they were not able to foresee that consumers will have a high demand for it this soon. As a result, the car industry may not be able to produce enough cars to meet its high demand. Battery shortage is said to be the problem. However, the founder of Advanced Automotive Batteries, Menahem Anderman has said that it is actually not battery shortage but planning shortage.

He further explained that every battery costs much that is why car manufacturers are very careful in terms of their order because a change in quantity will affect its pricing. Hence, both the car manufacturers and battery suppliers are extremely cautious when entering into contract. The battery is the most expensive part of the hybrid car, so the carmakers remain in their original financial commitment to be able to save some bucks for each unit.

The leading company in selling hybrid cars, which is Toyota, also said that the company is very careful in purchasing batteries because it will be using a different battery for its 2009 model of the ever infamous Toyota Prius. Hence, it does not want to over produce the present model. The Ford Company, on the other hand, said that it has limited access to its batteries because only 25,000 packs a year is given to it by Sanyo Electric Co., its supplier. General Motors also could not grab the opportunity of producing more hybrid cars now because its battery supplier has shipped 9,000 hybrid battery packs that leaks. So, it has to be shipped back and replaced. 

For the meantime, car consumers have to stay put, wait, and hope that new hybrid cars will soon come their way.



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