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Gadgets? Who would not want one especially if it would be for one’s convenience. As the world desires to make everyday life as convenient as possible, more and more gadgets are coming out. These superb innovations (no matter how simple) do provide us comfort and makes owning a car a lot exciting and convenient more so if one is always on the go. Now take a look at the newest gadgets in town and feed your desires.


  • For a busy person who goes to market and fetches his son at school or the baseball match, keeping items (such as ice cream and meat) frozen safe until you reach home is a real need otherwise putrefying smell will work as a substitute to your air freshener. Would a mini-ref inside your car do you a favor? Surely yes! A mini-ref is a sure guarantee and thanks the inventions and innovations for the good news is Ford has done it in its 2009 Flex. With it around you can have your frozen produce safe and sound and what’s more, you can enjoy sipping your cooled favorite drink to quench your thirst. How about owning one now?


  • How would a pregnant woman wear a seatbelt without endangering the life of the unborn? Wearing a lap seatbelt for pregnant women is quite inconvenient and risky as well. The Journal of the American Medical Association states that four out of five deaths of unborn infants happen due to car accidents. It only implies that it is not really advisable for pregnant women to be wearing lap belt because it does put pressure into the abdomen. Hence the TummyShield was created. It secures the passenger in place by using two straps that fastens around the thighs.


  •  Are you the type of person who wants to get in touch with the outside world, wanting to know the current events even when you are traversing the road? Well, this one may just appeal to you. USTelemetics developed a system using WiMax wireless internet in order to bring the latest happenings right



  • inside your car while moving. The system is also expected to incorporate GPS and safety features. However, the place where it will be located must be given careful thoughts as it may distract the driver while driving.


  • Are you sick and tired of that stinky odor inside your car? The redesigned Infiniti FX crossover will be including in its feature a Plasmacluster Filtration. This will surely eradicate that not so good smell inside the car’s cabin. Plasmacluster has two settings. The Clean Mode catches molds and particles by releasing ions while the Ion Mode streams the car’s interior with negative ions to reproduce the fresh air that you acquire after a heavy rain.


  • You think cd’s in your car and in your car stereo is really a mess? Worry not for current trends would like to ditch these cd’s in favor of the iPods, MP3s or memory cards. This will really give you a good ample space for your other things. More than that is the larger capacity for songs in a smaller container. What a way!


  • Replacing your wheels or getting your car out of a mud takes a lot of time and effort but not anymore. This new hose attached to the exhaust pipe can lift your car and hold it for 45 minutes. The good old hydraulic jack that adds more weight and space for your car is replaced with a lighter and easier jack that operates with the car’s exhaust. Think of any other alternative? If you want you may blow it until your lungs run out of air.


      How is that? A mini-ref,  jack that operates with exhaust, cd-less car stereo, air filtration, wireless internet, and pregnant friendly seat-belt are just a few gadgets enumerated above. More will come in our next meeting. See you around!


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New technology: Advanced car safety

We value our lives (tell me who doesn’t) and so we do all means to prolong it. We live a healthy life style (exercise, proper diet, food supplement, frequent visit to the doctor) and the like. But then people (even those who are in perfect shape) do loose their lives. Of course they did not get sick; they got into a car accident. This alarming scenario has led car manufacturers into enhancing the safety features of automobiles. Here are some of the amazing car safety features that you might look for the next time you buy a car.

·         Tire Pressure Monitoring System

This electronic system, also known as Remote Tire Pressuring System

Or run flat indicator is intended to check the air pressure of the tires on a vehicle. It conveys data on an unencrypted radio channel that can be interrupted by another party and traced back to the vehicle’s owner. There are two types of TPMS sensors, direct and indirect. Direct sensor sends concurrent tire pressure information to the vehicle’s driver through a gauge, pictogramme display or a warning light. An indirect TPMS is done by observing wheel rotational speed and other significant warnings outside the tire.  

·         Adaptive cruise control/collision mitigation

This new technology uses a radar headway sensor, digital signal processor and longitudinal controller that are mounted behind the grill that detects the speed and distance of the car ahead. In that way, it adjusts automatically the speed of the vehicle to sustain a safe distance between vehicles running in the same lane. Hence, when the car ahead slows down, the system send signal to the engine or the breaking system and the vehicle automatically slows down. When the road is clear then the system speeds up the vehicle back to its set speed. Further enhancement includes collision warning capability that will advise the driver that a collision is about to happen.

·         Blind spot detection/side assist/collision warning

This technology warns you about the presence of cars and/or objects in your blind spot area (the areas that are not visible when you are looking at the rear and side view mirrors) every time you park, when you are driving or both. A flashing light on your mirror, a vibration in your car’s steering wheel or an alarm are the possible indications that something is in your way.

·         Lane departure warning/wake-you-up safety

This system warns you if you are out of the lane already and also of the possible danger in relation to the approaching vehicle once you change lanes. Like the blind spot detection, warning could come in a form of seat or steering wheel vibration or alarm.  The system may also be able to detect if the driver is already falling asleep through the position of the head, the body posture and the eye activity. If it senses that the driver is indeed asleep then it may slow down the car.

·         Rollover prevention/mitigation

This system senses if the vehicle is prone to a rollover based on the action and direction of the car. When this happens, it activates the brakes and other components which are needed to control the vehicle.

          With these new car safety features, you can be more secure whenever you get inside your car and traverse the road. These new technologies only prove that car manufacturers are not only after the performance of the vehicle but they also put utmost importance to customer safety. This is only the beginning and I am pretty sure more innovative technologies will emerge in the future and it is such a great relief that manufacturers are giving time and attention when it comes to necessary safety precautions so as to ensure the well-being of its customers.

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What’s new with Ford?

Ford is one of the leading car manufacturers. It has manufactured vehicles that have been a real hit in the market. Its aesthetics, durability, and functionality cannot be outdone. Ford is indeed keeping its promise of creating new and better automobiles that will perfectly fit the demands of modern day living. Enormous changes are happening everyday, from the simplest to the most complicated. To keep up with these changes, Ford has remained committed to enhancing the features of its automobiles using state of the art technology.

So, what’s new with Ford?

Ø       Virtual technology

Ford now uses ergonomics technology. Ergonomics is rooted from two

Greek words, ergo which means work and nomos which means law. It aims to make use of human energy in the most effective and efficient way. At Ford, they make manufacturing less stressful among its workers by decreasing actions which are done repeatedly. How do they do it? They have set-up a computer-generated virtual assembly line workstation wherein an engineer equipped with sensors perform an assembly and while in the process, high-tech cameras capture the movements and such movements are transmitted to a computer which recognizes the repetitive motions. Once it has been identified, it makes necessary changes to the assembly line. In doing so, they are able to lessen manufacturing costs and enhance quality at the same time.  

Ø       Sound Screen windshield

Ford has introduced a Sound Screen windshield. This windshield is

constructed with a sound-absorbent vinyl in between two sheets of glass. This aims to decrease the cabin noise which is no doubt not very pleasing to listen to. Its 2008 Mercury Mariner uses this kind of windshield along with other sound-absorbing materials and it turned out that it is 12 percent quieter in the highway and 20 percent in high-velocity crosswinds compared to the 2007 model.

Ø       Sync

People have become so accustomed to using their mobile phones and

players anywhere they go but when driving, using it is quite hard. Hence Ford has partnered with Microsoft to create Sync. It is a communication and entertainment system that can be activated by just using your voice. Yes, you got it right! It is hands-free! This system is particularly available on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury brands in the United States.

Ø       Smarter Cruise Control

This technology uses both visual and audio signals to warn drivers

about possible danger which will need braking or ambiguous steering. It has a forward-looking radar that will aid the driver in adjusting speed and maintaining a particular distance from the vehicle ahead.

Ø       Suits up to address customer needs

The ergonomics team of Ford is creating new and superb products by

taking into consideration three things. Ease of use, safety and comfort. Ford wants its customer to make use of the vehicle with as much ease and comfort as possible even without the owner’s manual.  It also uses a “third-age suit” so that young engineers and designers will know exactly the feeling of being old and therefore come up with something that will be beneficial to people belonging to the older age bracket. Aside from the third-age suit there is also the “empathy belly” which aids the engineers understand the inconveniences and needs of a pregnant woman.

          These are only some of the new technologies and new approaches

Ford is making use of to better serve its customers. Truly the company has remained faithful to its commitment in creating automobiles which are safe, durable, and provides utmost comfort and performance. Since the company started in 1903, it has created various models which have made a great impact in the automotive industry and I am quite sure that it will continue to find more ways on how to create sate of the art automobiles.




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High cost of fuel is a major problem in various countries, third-world and firs-world countries alike. Some car owners have even thought of using public utility vehicles as an alternative instead of using their own cars because it will be less expensive. If this problem persists, I will not wonder anymore if the car industry will be greatly affected since people will be discouraged already buying cars. Why? Simply because the high cost of fuel will be eating a lot of their budget. Hence, government and private agencies, academic institutions and car manufacturers in different countries are in the process of researching and creating a car that is ran by fuel cell.


A fuel cell is said to be an electrochemical device which is used for conversion. It is able to produce electricity from the different external quantities of fuel on the anode side and an oxidant on the cathode side. This acts in response of the electrolyte’s presence. Electrolyte stays in the cell while reactants surge in and products from reaction surge out. Provided that required flows are maintained, fuel cells can continue to practically operate. In other words, fuel cell changes hydrogen and oxygen into water and in the course of the conversion, it is able to produce electricity. In comparison, fuel cells are different from batteries as it utilizes reactants which have to be replenished while batteries on the other hand store up electrical energy chemically in a closed structure. Aside from that, electrodes respond and alter as the battery is either charged or discharged while in a fuel cell it remains catalytic and fairly constant. In addition, fuel cells are able to produce electric power silently and effectively. What is more amazing is that it does it with no pollution. Why? The by-product of fuel cell is heat and water.


Fuel cells have different types such as the Polymer exchange membrane fuel cell. This type is one of the most remarkable in the fuel cell technology. It is foreseen that this will indeed end up powering cars, buses and even homes. The basic components comprising the said fuel cell are the following.  First is the anode. An anode is the cells’ negative post. It is the function of the anode to manage the electrons that are flowed from the hydrogen molecules in order to use it in an exterior circuit. Second is the cathode which possesses channels fixed into it so as to disperse oxygen to the catalyst’s surface. Aside from that, it also manages the electrons back to the catalyst from the external circuit where hydrogen ions and oxygen can be combined to form water. Third is the electrolyte. It is the proton exchange membrane. This material is somewhat similar to a regular kitchen plastic wrap; the only difference is that it handles ions which are positively charged. The last one is the catalyst. This is a special material that smooths the progress of the oxygen and hydrogen reaction.


Materials used in fuel cells vary. The electrode-bipolar plates are typically made up of metal, nickel, or carbon nanotubes which are covered with a medium which includes platinum, nano iron or palladium in order to attain high efficiency. Electrolytes are either ceramic or membrane. Fuel cells can be combined both in series and parallel circuits. A series circuit produces higher voltage while parallel circuit permits a stronger current. This design is called a fuel stack.


In my next blog, I will discuss the efficiency of fuel cells in comparison with gasoline and battery power efficiency and some of the reasons why it is beneficial to use fuel cells.


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I have personally known people who have lost their lives because of car accidents. I have seen cars totally wrecked after encountering a collision. Lives were lost, properties got wrecked. And so I ask, who is to be blamed?


Every car enthusiast is so engrossed on the latest car trends and innovation. Everybody seem to be aware of the most powerful car, the most efficient, the most elegant and the most sporty, not to mention the stuffs which are in and those which are not. People are willing to spend plenty of bucks for the hottest car accessory in town. Well, if you have the resources, why not? Of course, everybody has that longing to accentuate his/her car and make it a real head-turner, to make it stand out from the rest. Pardon me for saying this, but it seems to me that people are more engrossed on the car’s features and how to enhance its looks that more often than not, safety is taken for granted.


When you leave the comfort of your homes and begin traversing the road, always make safety a priority. Even the most powerful and superb car will be deemed useless if it gets wreck in a collision. Car manufacturer these days are dedicating a lot of their time on how to ensure safety. Way back then, car occupants depend on seat belts for safety. These days however, there are air bags already. Airbag like a seatbelt is a type of safety control device. It can be mounted on the steering wheel, door, roof and dashboards. These are the parts of the car where occupants are likely to hit in an event of collision. Air bag has a sensor which is able to detect the size and position of the occupant and even on how crucial the crash is. Frontal airbags are intended to prevent the car’s occupants from hitting the steering wheel, dash board or wind shield in an event of a crash. Side-impact airbags on the other hand protects the head and the chest of the occupants in an event of a crash involving the side of the vehicle.


While it is true that this safety feature will greatly help the occupants incase of a car accident, thereby greatly reducing possible injuries but then let us not forget of the basic things to be remembered. Oftentimes, we depend on the safety feature of the vehicle that we tend to forget the most fundamental things, such as bringing the car to a mechanic for a regular check-up or if you know how to do it yourself, include in your schedule(no matter how busy you are) time to check your car. Owning a car is not at all that easy. Responsibility comes along with it. Making sure that all the car’s components are functioning well and is properly maintained is your responsibility. How many mishaps have happened because the brake of the car malfunctioned? How many got into trouble because the lighting system of the car did not work? It has been a common practice already that car parts and accessories are only replaced if a breakdown has been experienced already. Do you have to wait till you get into an accident before you do something? Let us be thankful to the high-technology that we have these days and the brilliant minds that have enhanced the safety features of our automobiles, but in the end, it is still you who has a huge role in making sure of your safety once you hit the road. Allow me also to say this famous line which I believe you have heard time and again. Do not drink and drive. Be responsible. Value your life more than you value your car.


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Car industry has undergone vast changes through the years. Remarkable innovations and trends have emerged which led to the demand of cars in the market. More superb and affordable cars are coming out that is why more people can afford to get themselves a car. Of course, we cannot hide the fact also that the people alone have changed a lot also. People used to be contented of just walking or using their bicycles for running errands but these days it seems impossible to move around without the aid of an automobile. People have become so dependent on their cars that when it is busted, they find it hard to leave the house and go through their usual routine (correct me if I’m wrong though). With these considerations, I can say that car has become one of the most important things in a person’s life. Well I do agree that when it comes to mobility, the importance of a car cannot be outdone.


However, at this point we are confronted with major issues which greatly affect the world of automobiles. One is environmental concern. That remarkable film entitled An Inconvenient Truth is truly an eye-opener on how our environment is greatly affected and how it responds to the cruelty and negligence of the human race to take care of it. Climate change and global warming are two of the most devastating effects of pollution. As the one-liner goes, what goes around comes around. Nature has its own way of giving us back the price of what we are doing. In the news, it can be noted that a lot of calamities have struck the different parts of the world. It is very evident that our environment has deteriorated and if we do not do something now, it will keep on deteriorating. I hope you will not take it against me if I say that cars are indeed one of the top contributors in the worsening condition of air pollution. A car even when properly maintained emits harmful byproducts, so much more those cars which are literally emitting black smoke from its exhaust. When will people start to care? About the environment…About the future…


Aside from the pollution issue, another alarming thing is the high price of fuel. I was watching the news the other day and car owners are greatly devastated with the very high price of fuel. As a result, car manufacturers do fear that people will be discouraged already to buy cars. Hence, these two issues confronting car owners, car manufacturers and the entire populace post a huge question. What can be done about it? Is there a way to overcome these problems? Car manufacturers on the other hand are confronted with the huge challenge of creating a car that will cater to the needs of the consumers. The automotive industry has proven already that with the birth of state of the art technology, nothing is impossible anymore. And so the quest for an environment-friendly and fuel-efficient car has already began and still continues.


At this point in time, hybrid cars are the present solution available for the major problems threatening us. Hybrids are environment-friendly and fuel-efficient. Hybrids were created combining the best features of gasoline-powered and electric-powered cars. If you care enough about the environment and you want to make a difference, go hybrid. If you worry about the high price of fuel and it is eating a lot of your budget, then go hybrid. Maybe in the near future, a new car will be created with zero emission and very minimal fuel consumption. It is not far from being possible, but for now what we have is the hybrid. If you are to purchase a car, try to make a difference…get a hybrid!

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A look at car trends

Car trend is one of the most talked about topics in the car industry, an industry that has been booming for years and still promises to offer a lot more in the years to come. It is really enigmatic how the simple cars people use way back then have become extremely superb these days. Yesterday’s dream has now become a reality and today’s dream will become a reality in the future. In our existence, we will probably see the period wherein car lights do last a lifetime, highly fuel efficient cars, pouring out entertainment and cars which are operated by robots and all the driver has to do is sit and give commands. Let’s take a look at the latest trends in the automotive industry that is in line for manufacturing.

Car engines look like a clutter of wires and tubes and understanding how it works maybe quite difficult but once you grasp it, that will indeed be a great leeway for you to fully understand how your car works, thereby making you more aware of how to take care of it and how to fix minor problems. The car’s engine primary purpose is to change gasoline into motion so that your car can move. At this point in time, the simplest way to do so is to burn the gasoline right inside the engine. Hence the name internal combustion engine because the gas is burned internally. The problem here is the harmful emission of fuels which is a big threat in the environment. The harmful emission from cars is one of the leading causes of air pollution, so to speak. Aside from that, gasoline’s price is continuously increasing, making it a burden among car owners. Thanks to the creation of HYBRIDS, a car that is fuel efficient and user-friendly at the same time. Another notable technology is the HCCI (homogenous charge compression ignition), a gas engine that works like a diesel motor. The gas inside the cylinder is fired up via the compression and the heat is produced by the engine itself, which gives way to an economic and efficient diesel. By 2015, hydrogen powered vehicles is said to become available in the market already. 

Consumers are also looking for vehicles which will give them extreme entertainment. High-the gadgets and gizmos can be seen everywhere. This paved way to the inclusion of such state of the art components inside the car itself. Bluetooth communication is one. Another thing is the streaming media where you will be provided with a wide array of media devices which will connect you to the outside world even if you are right inside the comfort of your car. The HD radio, a radio which brings AM frequency like that of FM and FM frequency like that of a CD-quality.

Self-parking cars are also beginning to invade the industry. Parking is one of the most difficult tasks to do, especially in the city where parking areas are oftentimes jam-packed. Parallel parking specifically requires a lot of skill as a slight mistake in maneuvering may result in a minor collision with other vehicles. The Traffic Assist System is also believed to be of huge help in terms of parking. The system is said to see road signs, bends and other vehicles so that the car’s route and speed maybe adjusted automatically, depending on the circumstances around it. The system will be equipped with processors, lasers and video camera.

Another notable trend that is coming up is the brake-by-wire technology wherein the system substitutes the hydraulic hardware of standard brakes with a more efficient and environment-friendly electric motors and transmission that is more dependable and consumes lesser space.

With all the trends that have come out in the market, one thing is for sure, in this modern age living, nothing seems to be impossible.


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With the increasing number of cars navigating the road everyday, mishaps has almost become inevitable. Cars have been wrecked, properties have been destroyed and lives have been lost because of these. It is true without a doubt that material possessions can be replaced but people’s lives are a different story. A lot of accidents could have been prevented if only people care more. Over speeding, drunk drivers, malfunctioning brakes or engines-these are some of the causes of accidents and if you take a look at it closely- it can be sum up to only one phrase- lack of responsibility. How many times do we see signs on the road informing us of the car’s ideal speed? How many times do we hear people saying, do not drink and drive? And how many times have we been reminded to conduct a regular check-up to our vehicles to ensure that all its parts are functioning well? A lot maybe, but hard-headedness makes us ignore these things. The end product then is disaster. Since people seem not to learn, safety in cars has been intensified.


Safety is one of the most considered aspects in the creation of automobiles. Car manufacturers have spent a lot of time studying and coming up with new features that will not only greatly enhance the car’s performance but enhance the safety of the car’s occupants as well. More than the efficiency of the engine or the gas mileage, enhancement has also been anchored on the safety features of the vehicle. A notable feature among cars which is proven to save people from suffering multiple injuries which may lead to the loss of life is the Airbag.


Airbag is a kind of safety control like the seatbelt.  It is a pad filled with gas mounted at the parts of the vehicle where occupants are prone to hit during collisions such as the steering wheel, the door, roof and dashboards. There are two types of airbags, the frontal and side-impact airbags. Frontal airbags automatically controls the power level of the fontal and passenger frontal airbag. It has a sensor that determines it based on factors such as occupant’s size, seating position, seat belt used and the seriousness of the crash. Side-impact airbags on the other hand are aimed to protect the head and the chest in an occasion of severe crash which involves the side of the vehicle.


To understand better how an airbag works it is helpful to have another look at the laws of motion. The law states that a moving object has momentum and it will continue moving at its current speed and direction unless an outside force acts on it. What the airbag does is to slow down the passenger’s speed to zero in a split second without incurring damages or injuries if possible. If it is inevitable, then the airbag is meant to support the occupant so as to suffer from minimal injury only. The airbag has three parts, the bag, sensor, and inflation system. The bag is made up of a thin, nylon fabric that is folded in the steering wheel, dashboard, roof or door. The sensor is an apparatus that directs the bag when to blow up. Nitrogen gas makes up the inflation system.


While it is true that airbag is another important factor in ensuring the safety of the car’s occupants, seatbelts must not be disregarded. Study shows that airbags become more effective when used concurrently with a seatbelt. In spite of the positive effects of the airbag, it is still necessary to note that it has its drawbacks as well. A malfunctioning airbag can cause injury or can even kill people especially the smaller ones. Extra caution must therefore be observed to make sure that airbags will indeed save lives and not take it.


Below are some safety precautions I have excerpted from the Internet on what is the appropriate sitting position when the car is equipped with an airbag.


·   Move your seat to the rear as far as possible while still reaching the pedals comfortably.

·   Slightly recline the back of your seat. Although car designs vary, most drivers can achieve the 10-inch distance even with the driver seat all the way forward by slightly reclining the back of the seat. If reclining the seat makes it hard to see the road, you can raise yourself up by using your car’s seat-raising system (not all cars have this!) or a firm, non-slippery cushion to achieve the same effect.

·   Point the airbag toward your chest, instead of your head and neck, by tilting your steering wheel downward (this only works if your steering wheel is adjustable).

The rules are different for children. An airbag can seriously injure or even kill an unbuckled child who is sitting too close to it or is thrown toward the dash during emergency braking. Experts agree that the following safety points are important:

·   Children 12 and under should ride buckled up in a properly installed, age-appropriate car seat in the rear seat.

·   Infants in rear-facing child seats (under one year old and weighing less than 20 pounds / 10 kg) should never ride in the front seat of a car that has a passenger-side airbag.

·   If a child over one year old must ride in the front seat with a passenger-side airbag, he or she should be in a front-facing child safety seat, a booster seat or a properly fitting lap/shoulder belt, and the seat should be moved as far back as possible.

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The car industry is one of the fast growing industries in the whole world. More and more people are getting themselves a car to cope up with the demands of modern day living. Cars before were merely luxury, considering the high price which  only high-income families can afford but nowadays, even middle income families can afford buying cars due to its more affordable price. Car manufacturers are well equipped now with materials in addition to the high-technology which makes creation of superb yet affordable cars possible. As a result, cars are offered at a reasonable price without compromising its quality and durability. The growth in car industry also paved way to the creation of various vehicle designs which will fit every person’s preference. Technology has indeed become the front-liners in the innovation of cars.  


But what really must be the basis and where must innovation be anchored? In creating these innovative cars, a lot of questions must be taken into consideration. The wants and needs of the consumers must first and foremost be given due attention. The car’s aesthetics and design must be well suited for the person who will be using it. Just because we are living in an extremely modern world doesn’t mean that all the manufactured cars must be highly electronic with amazing gadgets mounted on it. More often than not, car manufacturers fail to understand the needs of the customers which are oftentimes the reason why the car has a very minimal acceptability in the market. Majority of car manufacturers become too pre-occupied with the design and ultra modern attribute of the car that they fail to address the very basic needs of the consumers. The features of the car must be well suited for the age bracket which will use it. For people who are quite old already, super high-tech gadgets and complex system will not appeal anymore. What they need is a user-friendly system which will help them and make things a lot easier for them. It means providing the car with features that is highly commendable for old aged people in terms of usefulness and easy handling. The highly populated places and huge cities on the other hand, where jam-packed of cars hits the road everyday, innovation could mean a car that can protect well the passengers from assaults thereby giving the driver security even when driving in busy streets at the middle of the night, taking into account the alarming situation when it comes to peace and order. People may also want an efficient protection from smoke and fog (smog) brought about by the numerous cars on the street and cars with nearly zero emissions to preserve Mother Nature.


Vehicle innovations must be within the realm of what people could accept. In the creation of cars which the consumers themselves will be benefited, it is extremely vital to involve them in its creation. After all, it is them who will be using it. Car manufacturers do make the mistake of spending too much money for the sake of innovation which in the end becomes futile because it is not accepted by majority of the populace.   


It is therefore important to note that innovative cars do not only mean having to bear intense complex systems with robotics and other futuristic component, but also possessing the features which will meet the basic needs of the consumers. In the pursuit of car industries to come up with better more reliable and durable cars, highly equipped with the latest in car technology, it must not be forgotten that oftentimes, we have to go back to the basic needs in order to make new innovative cars desirable and acceptable to the public.




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Concept Cars

Generations have passed. Car industries have undergone tremendous changes which are considered beneficial to the populace. It is indeed breath taking to see cars which we never thought would emerge in the market. The features of today’s vehicles are simply far out compared to the vehicles way back then. I firmly believe that we owe these things to the ultra-modern technology and facilities that we have this time. But despite the excellent features of every car that comes out in the market, people seem to ask for more. Truly, man is never satisfied or contented. What is interesting today maybe boring tomorrow. What is technologically advanced today maybe a vintage tomorrow. So the non-stop innovation continues. Each car is made better and more automated than the previous one. But advancement is not all there is. People want so much to become part in the creation of cars, their cars. They want to give comments and suggestions on how to make the car more superb, more futuristic, more stylish and a lot MORE. As car manufacturers find way to satisfy and meet the wants and whims of the consumers, creation of concepts car began.

Concept car is a prototype of the car. It is intended to show the style, concept and features of the vehicle to weigh the consumer’s response to the new concept and design. A concept or prototype car is frequently shown at motor shows. The car has the possibility of being or not being able to make it on the market. The acceptability of the car by the consumers will speak so much whether it will or will not be produced. If the public had a positive response to the concept car, it still has to undergo a lot of changes and enhancements before it is finalized. The practical, economical and safety features are taken into careful consideration.  

Concept cars are either made from paper, carbon fiber or alloy. Some possess an exceptional layout that cannot be found on the final product. Very few concept cars are functional. Some are only mock-ups made of wax, clay, metal, or plastic. Prototypes are intended to function although minimally while mock-ups are only made to appear like the real system and is not functional. Prototypes are destroyed, hidden in the storage room or kept in the company’s museum.

There are a lot of concept cars being showcased yearly. We get amazed and at times dumb founded with the new concepts and designs presented by car manufacturers. Some car designs even make us feel like we’re living in the future. Technology really has its own way of satisfying us- more than our needs, it satisfies our eyes.



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