Posted by: jdavis | May 19, 2008


The car industry is one of the fast growing industries in the whole world. More and more people are getting themselves a car to cope up with the demands of modern day living. Cars before were merely luxury, considering the high price which  only high-income families can afford but nowadays, even middle income families can afford buying cars due to its more affordable price. Car manufacturers are well equipped now with materials in addition to the high-technology which makes creation of superb yet affordable cars possible. As a result, cars are offered at a reasonable price without compromising its quality and durability. The growth in car industry also paved way to the creation of various vehicle designs which will fit every person’s preference. Technology has indeed become the front-liners in the innovation of cars.  


But what really must be the basis and where must innovation be anchored? In creating these innovative cars, a lot of questions must be taken into consideration. The wants and needs of the consumers must first and foremost be given due attention. The car’s aesthetics and design must be well suited for the person who will be using it. Just because we are living in an extremely modern world doesn’t mean that all the manufactured cars must be highly electronic with amazing gadgets mounted on it. More often than not, car manufacturers fail to understand the needs of the customers which are oftentimes the reason why the car has a very minimal acceptability in the market. Majority of car manufacturers become too pre-occupied with the design and ultra modern attribute of the car that they fail to address the very basic needs of the consumers. The features of the car must be well suited for the age bracket which will use it. For people who are quite old already, super high-tech gadgets and complex system will not appeal anymore. What they need is a user-friendly system which will help them and make things a lot easier for them. It means providing the car with features that is highly commendable for old aged people in terms of usefulness and easy handling. The highly populated places and huge cities on the other hand, where jam-packed of cars hits the road everyday, innovation could mean a car that can protect well the passengers from assaults thereby giving the driver security even when driving in busy streets at the middle of the night, taking into account the alarming situation when it comes to peace and order. People may also want an efficient protection from smoke and fog (smog) brought about by the numerous cars on the street and cars with nearly zero emissions to preserve Mother Nature.


Vehicle innovations must be within the realm of what people could accept. In the creation of cars which the consumers themselves will be benefited, it is extremely vital to involve them in its creation. After all, it is them who will be using it. Car manufacturers do make the mistake of spending too much money for the sake of innovation which in the end becomes futile because it is not accepted by majority of the populace.   


It is therefore important to note that innovative cars do not only mean having to bear intense complex systems with robotics and other futuristic component, but also possessing the features which will meet the basic needs of the consumers. In the pursuit of car industries to come up with better more reliable and durable cars, highly equipped with the latest in car technology, it must not be forgotten that oftentimes, we have to go back to the basic needs in order to make new innovative cars desirable and acceptable to the public.




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