Posted by: jdavis | May 29, 2008

New technology: Advanced car safety

We value our lives (tell me who doesn’t) and so we do all means to prolong it. We live a healthy life style (exercise, proper diet, food supplement, frequent visit to the doctor) and the like. But then people (even those who are in perfect shape) do loose their lives. Of course they did not get sick; they got into a car accident. This alarming scenario has led car manufacturers into enhancing the safety features of automobiles. Here are some of the amazing car safety features that you might look for the next time you buy a car.

·         Tire Pressure Monitoring System

This electronic system, also known as Remote Tire Pressuring System

Or run flat indicator is intended to check the air pressure of the tires on a vehicle. It conveys data on an unencrypted radio channel that can be interrupted by another party and traced back to the vehicle’s owner. There are two types of TPMS sensors, direct and indirect. Direct sensor sends concurrent tire pressure information to the vehicle’s driver through a gauge, pictogramme display or a warning light. An indirect TPMS is done by observing wheel rotational speed and other significant warnings outside the tire.  

·         Adaptive cruise control/collision mitigation

This new technology uses a radar headway sensor, digital signal processor and longitudinal controller that are mounted behind the grill that detects the speed and distance of the car ahead. In that way, it adjusts automatically the speed of the vehicle to sustain a safe distance between vehicles running in the same lane. Hence, when the car ahead slows down, the system send signal to the engine or the breaking system and the vehicle automatically slows down. When the road is clear then the system speeds up the vehicle back to its set speed. Further enhancement includes collision warning capability that will advise the driver that a collision is about to happen.

·         Blind spot detection/side assist/collision warning

This technology warns you about the presence of cars and/or objects in your blind spot area (the areas that are not visible when you are looking at the rear and side view mirrors) every time you park, when you are driving or both. A flashing light on your mirror, a vibration in your car’s steering wheel or an alarm are the possible indications that something is in your way.

·         Lane departure warning/wake-you-up safety

This system warns you if you are out of the lane already and also of the possible danger in relation to the approaching vehicle once you change lanes. Like the blind spot detection, warning could come in a form of seat or steering wheel vibration or alarm.  The system may also be able to detect if the driver is already falling asleep through the position of the head, the body posture and the eye activity. If it senses that the driver is indeed asleep then it may slow down the car.

·         Rollover prevention/mitigation

This system senses if the vehicle is prone to a rollover based on the action and direction of the car. When this happens, it activates the brakes and other components which are needed to control the vehicle.

          With these new car safety features, you can be more secure whenever you get inside your car and traverse the road. These new technologies only prove that car manufacturers are not only after the performance of the vehicle but they also put utmost importance to customer safety. This is only the beginning and I am pretty sure more innovative technologies will emerge in the future and it is such a great relief that manufacturers are giving time and attention when it comes to necessary safety precautions so as to ensure the well-being of its customers.


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